08.09.18Eric Zimmermann

Hi Gabriel: Would like to speak with you please call me on my cell phone: 323-270-3650

07.29.18Rick Cuming

Good Morning

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08.22.16Caroline McKenzie (from Guild Opera)

Guild Opera Company is updating the testimonials section of its marketing brochure and we’d like your input. Would you be able to send us a line or two about how your experience with GOC influenced (or influences) your career?

If it's easier to telephone, please call (323) 702-7884. In advance, thanks a million.

All the best in music-making!


Where did Hollywood Undead film the no.5 video at, on the rooftop. Please tell me bro, thanks, and I enjoy your new work.

11.02.15Jonathan Cruz

You knew Hollywood Undead? Csn you just upload more videos of the old Hollywood Undead please? You'll be doing tons of Deuce and HU fans a favor.

06.05.15Patricia Taylor

Thank you so much for posting Gabriel's upcoming performances. I greatly appreciate this information since I am one of Gabriel's fans. I also hope to see him sing praises to God at the SDA Camp Meeting in July, 2015. I will be attending his performance in Carmen on June 14, 2015 as I will return to the US from Italy by that date. Love, Patricia

04.29.15Antonio Cano

My name is Antonio Cano and I am a pastor in the Central California Conference of SDA's. I wanted to touch basis with Gabriel as he has connections to this conference and was wondering if we might look into the possibility of having Gabriel sing for our Soquel Camp Meeting. I know that he is a busy individual but would love to explore the possibility for this year. The dates for the camp meeting are July 16-25. Thank you for your conisideration and I look forware to hearing from you. My number where you can reach me is 209-202-7107. God bless!

04.27.15Patricia Taylor

Gabriel, you are amazingly talented. Do you have a list of future engagements? If so, I would like to know where you are playing.

02.25.15Marcia Powell

Love reading about your successful career!
Please send me an email. I have a question...
Marcia Powell

10.23.13Eliseo Zari

Hey Gabriel. It's Eliseo. How are ya doin? Would you be interested in doing colline's aria as we are doing highlights of la boheme and need a bass. It will be in Hollywood on Sunday, December 1 and will have minimal rehearsal schedule . The cast will be
Eliseo Zari as rodolfo
Roksana Zainapur as Mimi
Brooke de Rosa as Musetta
Roberto Gomez as Marcello
Rodell Rosel will be directing
Please let me know if you are available.
Thank you
323 594 6742

02.24.13Renee Fuller

With your mom watching the Academy Awards in Anchorage. I am a fan of yours, not because of your mom- your voice is amazing. I am going on March 10 to a Road Scholar trip to a week learning about opera in NYC, although I am a new opera fan.

Will keep up with you when back in Texas.



Just thought I'd say hi.

04.05.12caitlin dennis

gabe i luv ur voice just so u kno remember im ur cousin but still i luv ur voice it is amazing and loud lik most of ur outfits but i luv u and thats pretty much it.

02.05.12Bob Jones

Hello there.

02.04.12Bob Jones

Just wanted to say hi.


Hello Gabriel. You are amazing!!!


Hello Gabriel. You are incredible!


Hello Thor

12.16.11Ricardo Correia

Mr. Manro
Bravo. You have a marvelous voice. A gift from God. You are realy a great singer .
I became your fan and I would like to get an autographed photo from you. I will be very grateful if you, please, could send me one. My mail address is:

18 3º DT
2780-045 OEIRAS

Thank you.



I read my sister's blog about you, so I answered your survey. Thank you for getting her some cereal. My family has this weird passion for cereal. A former roommate told me that most girls buy shoes but you buy cereal.

07.02.11Jennie Litster

Hey there. I am your biggest fan.
So great = you.